Is Text Message Marketing Better Than Email?

Is Text Message Marketing Better Than Email?

We get this question all the time, “Is Text Message Marketing Better Than Email?” The short answer is it depends. While text message marketing is great for B2C businesses, email marketing is still predominant in B2B industries.

There are two reasons that this is the case. For one, B2B communications often require longer messages that will not fit into a text message. Secondly, email is the gold standard for B2B communication because decision-makers in B2B industries often communicate primarily through email, not on their personal smartphones.

However, text message marketing is great for B2C industries because consumers often prefer text message marketing over email as a method of communication with businesses.

Here are reasons that text message marketing is better for your business than email.

1. Text messages are convenient.

Text messages are short and sweet, making them more convenient for consumers. It does not take them much time to understand what you are saying. In addition, due to less volume, people have less clutter in their text messages than in their email inboxes. As a result, communications via text message are generally more convenient than email.

2. Your message will not end up in a spam box.

There is no spam box for text messages. No finicky deliverability issues. No hoping that your message actually gets in front of the right person. With text message marketing, you know that your message will be seen. Due to the amount of emails that we receive daily, we are conditioned to only devote attention to some of the emails that we receive. This is not the case with text messages.

3. Text message marketing is opt-in by nature.

The only way that you can text someone is if they opt-in to your loyalty program. Therefore, it is safe to say that the individuals who receive your marketing communications actually want them. This is one of the main strengths of text message marketing. Give the members of your loyalty program what they want and only that. Be helpful and rewarding. Do not abuse text message marketing.

4. Text message marketing gets higher engagement than email.

The average text message open rate is 98%, whereas email open rates average around 20%. The main reason is that, as mentioned in #2, people are conditioned to disregard the majority of emails as junk or unnecessary communications. On the other hand, text message is the primary channel of communication that individuals use to communicate with the most important people in their lives. Therefore, people are conditioned to look at their text messages with a sense of care and urgency.

5. Millennials prefer text message marketing for promotions & surveys.

75% of millennials said that they prefer text message marketing for communications with businesses. As you can see, the now biggest group of consumers enjoys the convenience of text message. As a business owner, you should take note of this. Your ability to grow in the future is directly dependent on your ability to change with the times and appease the ever-changing tastes of your target customers.

6. It (can be) easier for you to measure ROI with text message marketing.

With our technology specifically, you can track the redemptions of your text message marketing offers. Therefore, it is easier than ever for you to measure your ROI when it comes to text message marketing. We believe that if you can’t measure it, then you shouldn’t be doing it. That’s why our text message marketing system integrates directly with your POS system and payment processing solution, allowing you to see how much your loyalty programs members have spent at your business since they opted-in.

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