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The Preferred Method Of Communication

Retain Your Customers

Great job! You’ve succeeded at getting customers through the door, but how are you going to keep them coming back? Unfortunately, great service is not always enough to keep your customers coming back. Some people need to be reminded about your business to become loyal customers. 

With customer retention in mind, our SMS marketing services are the perfect addition to any marketing toolbox. Create & send out customer offers to your customers to keep your business top of mind & incentivize them to return. 

Simple SMS Marketing

Two Ways To Opt In Customers

SMS Marketing Platform

Custom Keyword + Short-code

Your customers can opt-in to your SMS loyalty program by texting a unique keyword of your choice to our dedicated short-code. Once our system receives the text, they’ll be opted in to your program automatically.

As a part of our SMS marketing service, we’ll also provide you with custom signage & promotional material to promote your loyalty program.

text message marketing tablet

Integrated With Clover POS

Customer-Facing Tablet

If you have Clover POS, we’ll send you a customer-facing tablet (included in our integrated SMS marketing service for no additional cost).

During checkout, your customers simply enter their phone number into the tablet. Then, they’ll be entered into your system automatically.

Once opted-in, you can send your customers offers based on sales data & track offer redemptions from your personal dashboard. 

Send Out Offers That'll Actually Be Used

Our Dashboard Is Built To Perform


Send one-time messages & offers to individual customers or segmented groups. TAP Text accomplishes the simplest of tasks.


Recurring messages are the lifeblood of a successful campaign. Automate your campaigns with daily, weekly, or monthly offers. Customize date & time.


Segment your audience into customer groups for more effective targeting & easier campaign management.

Custom Messages

Notify your audience about limited time offers, upcoming events, or anything else that you want to promote! With TAP Text, the possibilities are truly endless.

Get More positive Reviews

Increase Your Local Ranking

A great add-on feature to our SMS marketing services is review generation. Simply configure your dashboard for review generation by connecting your Google My Business, Facebook business page, or TripAdvisor account.

After you’ve customized your review request message, your unique review generation link will automatically be sent out to your customers when they opt-in. 

But don’t worry, our technology will screen your customers before directing them to review sites, giving you the ability to mediate unsatisfied customers before a negative review is left in a public forum.  

Integrate Your POS & Text Message Marketing

We took an already great POS & made it even better by developing our very own Clover app. Accompanied by our customer-facing tablet, TAP Text is perfect for any retail or counter-service restaurant that wants to place their revenue on turbocharge!

clover pos text message marketing tablet

Our SMS Marketing Service Is All You Need

Supercharge Your Sales

Our dashboard comes equipped with a full CRM that enables you to segment your customers into groups for targeted campaigns, nurture contacts to conversion, & keep them coming back. 

We have our very own review generation system that makes it easier than ever for your customers to say something good about your business. As a safeguard, our feedback system pre-screens your customers before directing them to review sites.

Have a bunch of contacts that haven’t purchased yet? Bulk upload your contacts to our dashboard CRM & reengage them with a targeted offer, ultimately leading to more conversions & sales. 

We don’t just give you access to our tool & hope that it works for you (unless that’s what you’d like). You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager who will provide you with custom-made promotional material to showcase your loyalty program in-store & on your website. 

Our SMS marketing service comes fully equipped with an opt-out automation so that you never have to worry about accidentally sending a message to a customer who has “opted out” of your loyalty program. 

Due to TCAP laws, accidentally sending a message to an opted out contact can cost your business thousands of dollars in legal fees & fines. 

Luckily for you, our dashboard takes care of opt-out management so that you are protected from costly accidents & are able to communicate responsibly. 


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Free Trial

Perfect For Testing & Pre-Launch Set Up
$ 0
00 /Month
  • 25 Credits Per Month
  • Short-Code
  • One-Time/Scheduled/Recurring Offers
  • Custom Messages
  • Keyword Assigned
  • Limited Support (Demo Walkthrough Available)
  • No Branded Signage Or Opt-In Assistance
  • Review Generation Enabled - Connect Review Sites
  • Easy Upgrade Process - No Contact Unless You Want

TAP Text Plans

For Promotional & Retention Marketing
$ 49
99 /Month
  • 1,000 Credits Per Month
  • Short-Code
  • One-Time/Scheduled/Recurring Offers
  • Custom Messages
  • Pick Your Own Keyword
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Support Specialist
  • Branded Signage To Help You Get More Opt-Ins
  • Review Generation - $50 Per Month
  • 500 Additional Credits - $30 Per Month

Save Yourself A ton Of Trouble

Ditch The Marketing Emails

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of emails that are sent daily & SPAM filter algorithms have rendered email marketing widely ineffective & diluted, especially for businesses who do not have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on advanced email technology.

As you can imagine, text message has a much higher open rate and ROI than email. In addition, your customers prefer the convenience offered by text, making our SMS marketing service a no-brainer for any business that wants to maximize ROI. 

75% Of Millennials Prefer Surveys & Promos Over Text
Average Open Rate Of Text Messages
Average ROI On Text Message Marketing
Average Open Rate Of Emails

The Sky Is The Limit

What Can You Send To Your Customers?


Send out automated offers that your customers will actually use.


Have an upcoming event or business update? Let your customers know via text.


Ask your customers for reviews after a visit. In doing so, you'll get more positive responses.

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