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Your Customers Are Texting Each Other,
Why Aren't You?

If you know that Tuesday is your slowest day, then why not send a text message to your customers to come in on Tuesday for 15% off?


Do you have an upcoming event or sale that you’d like to inform your customers of?

Send Out Offers That Your Customers
Will Actually Use

Opt-In, Automate, Generate, Reiterate

Opt-In Method #1: Custom Keyword

Your customers text a custom keyword of your choice to our proprietary short-code. Once our servers receive a text, your customer will be opted-in to your SMS loyalty program.

Opt-In Method #2: Customer-Facing Tablet

Your customers opt-in to your SMS loyalty program by entering their phone number into our proprietary customer-facing tablet (included in package) during checkout!

1. Automate Messaging

Our mobile SMS marketing service allows you to automate your campaigns. Sit with our team or DIY. Create automated text messages to be sent at the milestones you create.

2. Generate Reviews

Ask your customers for reviews on the largest sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and Trip Advisor, while stopping the negative ones from getting online.

3. Reiterate

Send a bulk message to all of your customers or a specific segment. Increase the amount of their average purchase and the frequency of visits.

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