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Engage Your Customers

Great job! You’ve succeeded at getting customers through your door, but how are you going to keep them coming back? 

Text message marketing is a proven method of increasing customer engagement. Create & send out customer offers to your customers to keep your business top of mind & incentivize them to return. 

Opt-In Methods

SMS Marketing Simplified

SMS Marketing Platform

Custom Keyword + Short-code

Your customers can opt-in to your SMS loyalty program by texting a unique keyword of your choice to a dedicated short-code. Once our system receives the text, they’ll be opted in to your program.

As a part of our service, we’ll also provide you with custom signage & promotional material to promote your loyalty program.

Integrated With Clover POS

Customer-Facing Tablet

If you have Clover POS, we’ll send you a customer-facing tablet for no additional cost.

During checkout, your customers enter their phone number into the tablet. Then, they’ll be entered into your system automatically.

Once opted-in, you can send your customers offers based on sales data & track offer redemptions from your personal dashboard. 

That Your Customers Will Actually Use

Send Out Offers

SMS Marketing Platform
Clover POS Integration
  • One-Time

    Send one-time messages & offers to individual customers or segmented groups.

  • Recurring

    Automate your campaigns with daily, weekly, or monthly offers. Customize date & time.

  • Custom Messages

    Notify your audience about limited time offers, upcoming events, or anything else that you want to promote!

  • Groups

    Segment your audience into customer groups for more effective targeting & easier campaign management.

  • Personal Dashboard

    Manage your customers & campaigns from a personal dashboard that does a lot more than send texts. You can also generate reviews & manage your business listings with our add-on services.

  • Short-Code

    The short-code is the foundation of all SMS marketing. Without it, you make it more difficult for your customers to opt-in & run the risk of being blocked by major carriers. Our short-codes are pre-approved for high volume.

  • Dedicated Keyword

    Make it easy for your customers to opt-in to your loyalty program. Choose a custom keyword that your customers will text to your short-code. Once our system receives the message, they'll be entered into your program.

Pick Your Plan & Start Texting Your Customer Today!

Ready To Level Off Your Slow Days?

Free Trial

25 Credits / Month
$0 / month
  • Short-Code
  • Dedicated Keyword
  • Personal Dashboard
  • One-Time/Recurring/Scheduled Offers

SMS Marketing Plans

1,000 Credits / Month
$49.99 / month
  • Short-Code
  • Dedicated Keyword
  • Personal Dashboard
  • One-Time/Recurring/Scheduled Offers
  • Opt-In Marketing - Custom Signage & Promotional Material
  • Customer-Facing Tablet (Clover Required)
  • Offer Templates (Clover Required)
  • Add-On: 500 Credits - $30 Per Month
  • Add-On: Review Generation Link - $50 Per Month
  • Add-On: Review Generation, Monitoring & Response- $150 Per Month

Integrate Your POS & Text Message Marketing

  • Customer Facing Tablet Allows Customers To Opt-In During Checkout
  • Send Offers Based On Payment Activity
  • Track Redemptions
  • Ignite Your Sales

The Stats Speak For Themselves

Is Text Better Than Email?

Find peace of mind in knowing that your message will actually be seen by your customers. Due to the sheer volume of emails that we receive as well as the evolution of mail server algorithms, text message text message has a much higher open rate and ROI than email. In addition, your customers prefer the convenience offered by text, making SMS a no-brainer for your business. 

75% Of Millennials Prefer Surveys & Promos Over Text
Average Open Rate Of Text Messages
Average ROI On Text Message Marketing
Average Open Rate Of Emails

The Sky Is The Limit

What Can You Send To Your Customers?

Discounts & Promotions

Send out automated offers that your customers will actually use.

Events & Updates

Have an upcoming event or business update? Let your customers know via text.

Customer Reviews

Ask your customers for reviews after a visit. In doing so, you'll get more positive responses.

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