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Fewer parties involved in your payment solution means less hands in your pockets. 

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Partner With A Payment Facilitator

Simplify Your Payments

After years in the payments industry, we noticed that the only way to avoid charging our clients unnecessary fees was to become a payment facilitator. It took a long time, but now we have successfully eliminated all of the extra steps & fees associated with the traditional third party processor model.

Want more information? Learn more about the payment facilitator model here.

When you choose TAPLocal for payments, you partner with us & us alone, making us one of the only direct payment solutions on the market. To see how we stack up to our competitors, visit our competitor pricing page.  

And, With Us, It Isn't

Accepting Payments Shouldn't Be Difficult

1. Set Up Your Account

Account setup takes minutes & is completely done through our online portal. In most cases, we will approve same-day. You can then start hand keying transactions once your account is live.

2. Receive Your Device

You will receive your selected device at your place of business. You'll then get a call from your dedicated technical support specialist to make sure everything is running smoothly.

3. Accept Payments

You are all set. Accept credit cards at will. Enjoy paying a flat rate on all transactions. Learn about our local marketing suite that integrates with your payments.

Want To See How We Stack Up To The Competition?

Our Direct Payments Program speaks for itself, but so do the numbers. Square, PayPal, Toast. We blow them all out of the water! Add in the fact that we offer suite of marketing products that'll boost your sales & there's no comparison.

Simplify your payments.

Why Go Direct?


Set up a free account within minutes & start hand keying transactions once approved.


Accept payments wherever you do business! At the counter. On the go. By invoice. On your site.


Work with us & us alone. Next-day funding. Unparalleled security & dedicated support.

Lean Pricing

Pay for the actual 'processing' of transactions and that's it. No third parties or hidden fees.

And Neither Do Our Competitors.

Your Bank Won't Offer 2.5%...

Go Direct

Lean Pricing At It's Best
$ 0
In Monthly Fees
  • Swiped Transactions-2.5% + $0.10
  • Card Not Present Transactions-3.05% + $0.10

If you don't see the solution you require, just ask!

How Do You Accept Credit Cards?

At The Counter

We tell all of our clients that they shouldn’t take on any business venture without Clover. 

As you’ll come to find, Clover was built to withstand the busiest of days, making it the perfect countertop companion.

On The Go

Accept credit cards on the go with the TAP Go app and our proprietary mPOS mobile payments device.

But don’t worry! You won’t sacrifice the features of a counter-top POS. They’ll just be on your mobile screen instead.

By Invoice

Send one-time or recurring invoices to your customers & allow them to set up automatic payments. Manage your outstanding invoices with ease. 

Your customers can then using a credit/debit card or even via account number. We believe that it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get paid & with TAP Direct, it no longer is. 

On The Web

Rest assured in knowing that you can accept credit cards on your website quickly & securely. Our virtual terminals are built to be as reliable as a counter-top device.

Enjoy lean pricing on all transactions. And even sell digital gift cards to your customers. 

No Worries!

Have A Legacy POS?

Having our very own payment solution provides with virtually limitless flexibility. Therefore, all you need to do is set up your account or schedule a call with us. Either way, we will see what needs to be done to integrate with your existing POS.

Save Yourself The Hassle Without Sacrificing Any Functionality

Want To Accept Credit Cards?

Flat Rate

2.5% + $0.10 for swiped transactions. 3.05% + $0.10 for all card not present transactions. That's it!


All of your transactions will be EMV compliant so you protect your business from fraudulent activity & chargebacks.


Accept NFC payments from mobile wallets & contactless cards. Apple Wallet & Google Pay supported.

Gift Cards

Open up another revenue stream by offering your customers physical & digital gift cards that can be stored in a mobile wallet.


Accept payments on your website with our secure technology. As a payment facilitator, we can handle just about anything.

PCI Compliance

From swipe (or tap) to funding, find peace of mind in knowing that you & your customers' data is in safe hands.

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