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Clover POS is sleek, fast, dependable, and comes in a size that is perfect for your business. As you’ll come to find, Clover POS was built with you & your employees in mind. It doesn’t look too bad on a counter-top either.

We believe in Clover POS so much that we’ll give you a free Clover payments device if you sign-up with one of our all-in-one packages

All In One System

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Clover Station

Anything But Plain. Nothing But Simple.

We’ve engaged some of the top industrial designers to create a product that’s custom-built for point of sale. From the fluid motion of the credit card swipe to the high-end finishes we chose, Clover Station is built to perform as good as it looks.

You’ll get a touchscreen display, a high-speed printer (which doubles as a power and connectivity hub), and a cash drawer. Optional accessories allow you to further customize your Clover Station.

Set Up In Minutes

Your Clover Station comes out of the box configured just for you and ready to take payments with a simple setup – no IT consultant required! To get even more from Clover, customize it with a variety of apps to suit your particular business.

Clover Mini

Clover Mini is the most advanced payment terminal on the market.

Accept a wide variety of payment types, including:

But wait, there’s more

A large touch screen, an intuitive interface, and the choice of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (HSPA+) wireless connectivity makes transactions easy.

You can even add applications to manage employees and keep track of customers. Or plug in an integrated weight scale or a barcode scanner for a faster checkout.

Clover Flex

A full-featured POS in a pint-sized package.

Clover Flex is much more than just a credit card reader. You get all the business-building features that Clover is known for, the ability to add optional applications to customize your system, and cloud-based data storage.

  • Accept All Payment Types
  • Always Connected 
  • Robust Inventory Management
  • Key Sales Information
  • Keep Your Customer Lists In Order
  • Turn Customers Into Repeat Customers

Clover Go

Accept safer payments on the go.

Accept payments on the go, wherever you go. Whether you’re selling at the local farmers market or at a customer’s job site, Clover® Go makes it easy to take your business to your customers.

Securely and reliably accept credit and debit cards – including EMV® chip cards – with ease, right from your smartphone or tablet. Clover Go also comes with clear and intuitive reporting on sales activity along with insights on other local companies in your industry. Reliable support is available whenever you need it.

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Flat Rate

2.5% + $0.10 for swiped transactions. 3.05% + $0.10 for all card not present transactions. That's it!


All of your transactions will be EMV compliant so you protect your business from fraudulent activity & chargebacks.

NFC & Contactless

Accept NFC payments from mobile wallets & contactless cards. Apple Wallet & Google Pay supported.

Gift Cards

Open up another revenue stream by offering your customers physical & digital gift cards.

Third Party App Market

Simplify your daily processes with apps from Clover's very own third party app market.

Cloud Reporting

Your sales data will be stored in the cloud so that you can monitor sales data from your mobile device.

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