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Incentivize customers to spend more with automated text message offers.

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Payments & Marketing Integrated

TAPLocal Marketing Clover App

As a premier Clover partner, we understand that Clover POS is the best tool you can have for you business. Not only is it fully equipped with everything functionality you need to manage employee time, customers & appointments, it comes in any size that you need. And now, with TAPLocal Marketing, you can transform your POS into an accelerate for sales that’ll keep your customers coming back time after time.

Spending-Based Offers & Automations

Supercharge Your Sales

  • Sign-Up

    Your Sign-Up Offer will display on your customer facing tablet, incentivizing customers to enter their phone number in return for an immediate reward.

  • Punchcard

    Physical punchcards are slightly outdated. However, the concept remains. With the Punchcard Offer, you can create loyalty incentives for your customers to come back more often and get rewarded!

  • Come Back!

    Haven’t seen customers for a while? With the 30, 60 or 90 Day Come Back Offer, you’ll have the ability to reach out to lost customers and create custom incentives to bring them back and receive a discount.

  • Top Spender

    Incentivize customers to spend more on a single purchase and receive a discount on a future visit. Is someone about to pay $90 for a product or service? Incentivize them to spend $10 more for a $15 discount for a future visit.

  • Birthday

    What’s better than getting extra treatment on your Birthday? The Birthday offer sends out a discount to anyone with a completed profile on their Birthday!

  • Casual, Regular, VIP

    Want to reward customer spending in a specific period of time? With the Casual, Regular, VIP Offer, you can set milestones of spending for a day, a week, a month or year and reward customers!

  • Complete Your Profile

    Data is KING! Gather demographic information about your customers and reward them for it! In turn, you’ll be able to send Custom Offers by using the information provided and target specific customers!

  • Custom Offer

    The most powerful tool in TAPLocal Text technology. This allows a merchant to reach out to any of their opt in customers at any time. Send a discount or just promote an upcoming event or sale!

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