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Why Aren't You?

Your Customers Are On Facebook...

As of 2019, Facebook has 2.32 billion monthly active users and 1.52 billion daily active users.

Therefore, by not advertising on Facebook, you are missing out on the biggest, most diverse audience in the world. And wherever there is a big audience, there is surely a lot of competition to get in front of those individuals.

With that being said, our technology gives us an edge on our own competition & we’d like to help you compete too.

We Offer 4 Unique Ad Types.

Which is best for your business?

One of the biggest strengths of Facebook’s advertising platform is versatility. Not only can you use a wide variety of media formats to effectively tell the story of your brand, our technology offers 4 unique ad types.

Hot Leads!

Lead Ads let people show their interest by providing real time opt-in leads delivered via text messaging or email.

Website Visits

Focused on driving traffic for a specific audience to a specific destination when they click your Facebook ad.

Brand Awareness

Gain effective exposure to local customers. With our reach & frequency guarantee, awareness ads increase your monthly views on Facebook & Instagram! 

Increased Sales

Share discounts or promotions with your audience on Facebook to encourage people to shop on your website, at your physical store, or both.

Award-Winning Technology

With over 1 billion active daily users, advertising on Facebook reaches an enormous audience, but requires using more complex targeting and different ad types than other advertising platforms.

With that said, we don’t just run one ad and hope it works.  Furthermore, on average TAPLocal Facebook ads have 5-7 sets of targeting variations running at the same time for each campaign.

Research, Analyze, Create, Repeat.

We’ll design, setup, and manage your Facebook & Instagram campaigns to target the optimal audience that will deliver the best results over time. 

However, you won’t be out of the loop at any step of the process! As a matter of fact, with a personal online dashboard you’ll be able to login at any time to view results, get leads, and track the performance of your ads.

Introducing Direct Payment Solutions

Less parties involved in your payments means less hands in your pocket. When you 'process' with us, you only pay for the actual processing of credit card transactions.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Is Perfect For Local Businesses

what can Facebook & Instagram do for you?

Advanced Targeting

Facebook & Instagram have extensive targeting capabilities. Target individuals by location, age, gender, interests, demographics, behavior and connections. You can also create advanced lookalike audiences that will target users similar to the ones who already engage with your ad.

Various Ad Types

Facebook offers multiple different ad types, allowing you to attract your customers in creative and effective ways. Videos, images, slideshows or carousels. We do it all! You can pick the creative that works best for your brand and audience or have one of our experts find the best fit for you.

Huge Audience

Facebook has 2 billion+ monthly active users. Therefore, it’s safe to say that some of your target customers are on Facebook. But, don’t go at it alone! We know how to tailor your ad and targeting to meet your goals.

Extensive Reporting

TAPLocal provides complete, top-to-bottom transparent reporting. From clicks to leads to engagement rates, we provide everything that’s relevant to your campaigns. At TAPLocal, our clients are our partners!


Compared to most traditional advertising channels, Facebook & Instagram advertising is MUCH less expensive. In the advertising game, more budget means more clicks and more clicks means more customers.

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