5 Tips for Managing Your Small Business’ Online Reputation

5 Tips for Managing Your Small Business' Online Reputation

Your Reputation Is All You Have

97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. (SEO Tribunal) Therefore, optimizing your business for local searches is of more importance now than ever. As a result, things like negative reviews and inaccurate online listings pose a serious threat to your business. You must have an effective online reputation management plan in place or have a trusted agency in place to manage your online reputation. For more information on finding an agency, see our blog post on choosing the right agency. At TAPLocal, we have the capability to respond immediately to incoming reviews, good or bad. Our reputation management system can help you protect your business from unwarranted, negative reviews. Nevertheless, here are some effective tips that you can follow in the meantime.

1. List your business everywhere

By listing your business on major search engines and listings sites, you increase the chance of a potential customer finding your product or service offering. Therefore, the more places you can be found, the better your online reputation will be. However, managing your online reputation is not as simple as that.

2. Proactively manage your online reputation and listings

The industry best practice is to search for your company’s name once a month. With your business listed in many places throughout the web, the goal is to maintain your brand as a singular online authority. By doing so, you will bolster your reputation with each listing feeding the reputation of each other listing so that your online reputation is maintained at all times.

3. Update consistently, update constantly

If you want to use your online reputation to gain new customers, one of the greatest ways to stay relevant is to consistently and constantly update your website and social media pages. In addition, you have to publish fresh and useful content. The easiest way to do this is with long-form content. In fact, writing long-form content, such as a blog post, is a proven method of lead attraction. You may already be posting on social media. Just reformat those posts into a blog article and post on your domain.

4. Encourage customer reviews and social sharing

The golden egg of modern SMB marketing is to create an (Insta-worthy) experience that encourages positive reviews and mentions of your company on social platforms. If you can do so, you can effectively compete with your much bigger, corporate competitors and keep Main Street America alive. In addition, a gentle reminder can be effective. You could include a reminder on a hard copy receipt, social media post, or on a birthday email to your customers.

5. Be positive on review responses

The biggest mistake that you can make is responding to a negative review in an angry or defensive tone. Rather than giving way to natural responses, taking steps back and waiting for the situation to get controlled can be an effective step in managing a negative review. Be unique when you respond to negative reviews. If you know the poster purchased a specific product, then reference the poster’s purchase in your reply. It adds a personal touch that can be disarming. In addition, your efforts show others that you hold quality and customer service to a high standard.

We can help you manage your online reputation

Luckily for you, TAPLocal’s reputation management system maintains consistency between your listings with a single platform. With TAPLocal Listings, we also have the ability to put our clients’ businesses all over the internet, including over 60+ search engines and directories. As you can see, we aim to maximize the opportunity potential of our clients.

To see more resources on digital marketing, visit our blog.  If you’d like to see how TAPLocal can help you reach your full earning potential, visit our homepage.

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