TAPLocal Makes Party Rental Business Visible Amid COVID

TAPLocal Makes Party Rental Business Visible Amid COVID

Quarantine had everybody itching for a party. For this reason, we’re seeing growth in some of the most unexpected industries. 

At the end of April, we brought on a client who operates in one of these industries: the party rental industry. 

We were able to provide him with the visibility he needed to succeed. The rest of this article explains the results our services have provided him despite the circumstances of our time. 

Nowhere To Be Found

When Michael Cooney came to us, his business wasn’t even on Google. In the local marketing business, we call this a situation in which the business is dead upon arrival. 

If you aren’t on Google, then nobody will be able to find you. Period. 

In knowing that the business wasn’t listed on Google, our plan of action was simple: use our local SEO technology to list the business online & increase the business’ visibility. 

Quick Deliverables, Long-Term Growth

Within a few days of signing up, we had entered the business’ accurate information into our dashboard. Our technology began listing the business in our 60+ partner directories.  

In the meantime, we worked on building the business’ core listings out. In order to do so, we manually added enriched content to the business’ Google My Business, Facebook & Yelp pages. 


As a result of our services, the business is now experiencing over 500 direct searches & 450 discovery searches per month.

Direct searches represent branded searches for a business’ name that result in a view of a business’ listing. Discovery searches, on the other hand, represent unbranded searches that result in a view of a business’ listing. 

Don’t know the difference between branded & unbranded searches?

A branded search has a specific business name in it (searching for (McDonald’s near me”), whereas an unbranded search contains an item or category (searching for “hamburgers near me”).  

We often judge the success of our services based on how many unbranded searches, or, in Google’s words, “discovery searches” that we can provide. 

Due to our services, the business is now #4 on Google Search for party rental in his area. 

Since joining TAPLocal, the business now has 5 new reviews on their Google My Business page, all of which are 5 stars, showing that being listed has many benefits.

Moving Forward

In the following months, we expect the economy to continue to regain its strength. And as more people start to host events again, we are hoping that there will be more demand for our client’s party rental business. 

Nevertheless, our services have provided prime placement for our client so that he is read when demand fully recoups.

You can get your business listed & found too!

For more information on our local SEO services, visit our webpage. For more articles like this one, visit our blog

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