Google My Business Photos: How To Add Them & Look Your Best Online

Google My Business Photos: How To Add Them & Look Your Best Online

Local search. Local SEO. All of these terms are central to your business. If you aren’t listed online, then nobody will find you. And if nobody finds you, then you won’t gain any new business. 

Among the most popular search engines & business directories (Google, Facebook & Yelp), Google is without a doubt the most popular. Therefore, of all your business listings, your Google My Business page is the most important.

As you could imagine, it’s extremely important to provide current photos to Google My Business in order to attract customers. 

The rest of this article explains how to add photos to your GMB & look your very best online. 

How To Add Photos In Google My Business

Adding photos to your Google My Business is pretty simple, but, in order to do so, you need to have a verified Google My Business account. You’ll also need administrative access to the page. 

If you don’t have a Google My Business page or simply don’t have ownership of it, then read our article “How To Set Up Your Google My Business”.

In order to add photos to your verified account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business.
  2. Go to Photos. 
  3. Click Add Photos. 
  4. Upload high-quality photos that showcase your business.

Brand Your Profile

Your Google My Business listing & profile will display in search results & Google Maps. Therefore, it’s important for you to add a logo & cover photo so that users have a proper visual representation of your business. 

Add A Logo

Once in the Photos section of your Google My Business page, you can add your logo by clicking add logo. If you want to edit your logo after adding it, then click the pencil icon on the logo image & upload another one.  

Choose A Cover Photo

You can also designate a cover photo in the Photos section by clicking add cover photo. If you already have one, just click the pencil icon on your cover photo & upload/choose the photo that you want to display. 

In the following section, we’ll cover best practices for adding Google My Business photos so that you look your very best online. 

What Does Google Say About Google My Business Photos? 

Google provides general instructions & best practices for leveraging Google My Business images for better performance in search results. We’ll now outline what Google has to say about photos in their business directory & offer some additional advice that we’ve found helpful.

Photos Every Business Should Add

There are some types of photos that every business should add to their Google My Business page. These types include:  

  1. Exterior photos
  2. Interior photos
  3. Product photos
  4. Photos at work
  5. Team photos

Exterior Photos

Exterior photos help customers recognize your business as they approach from different directions.

How many exterior photos should you add?

Add at least three great exterior photos to help customers recognize your business.

  1. Capture a photo from each direction that customers might approach your business.
  2. Try uploading photos that show your business at different times of day.

Interior Photos

Interior photos help your customers get a feel for the ambiance and decor of your business.

How many interior photos should you add?

Add at least three great interior photos to show customers what your business feels like inside.

  1. Capture photos that truly show what it’s like to stand inside your business as a customer.
  2. Capture the atmosphere of your business in your photos.

Product Photos

Great photos of representative or popular products give customers a better understanding of the kinds of goods you offer.

How many product photos should you add?

Add at least three photos of products that you sell.

  1. Showcase the items that are most popular for your business.
  2. Try taking evenly lit photos of your products.

Photos at work

Photos help customers quickly understand the type of work you do.

How many photos at work should you add?

Add at least three photos that are representative of the services you offer.

  1. Capture photos of your team providing different types of service to customers.
  2. Capture photos of the specialty services you deliver.

Team photos

Team photos are important to present a more personal side of your establishment

How many team photos should you add?

Add at least three photos showing your management team and your employees.

  1. Show something a little less formal to humanize your business.
  2. Show yourself and any staff to highlight your personalities and give potential clients a feel for what you’re like.

Photos For Restaurants & Food Service Categories

Google My Business photos are especially important for restaurants because images offer a way for hungry consumers to gauge meal quality & size. 

Food & drink photos

Food & drink photos add color and detail to your menu and help customers plan where to eat.

How many food & drink photos should you add?

Add at least three photos of the food or drinks you serve.

  1. Showcase the food items that are most popular for your business.
  2. Try taking evenly lit photos of your food items.

Photos For Hospitality, Travel & Lodging Categories

When it comes to hospitality, travel & lodging categories, images offer potential guests a glimpse into the experience your business offers. 

Common areas

Photos of your common areas help attract customers who are planning business or leisure travel.

How many common area photos should you add?

Add at least one photo of each of your common areas.

  1. Add at least one photo of each common area (for example, spa, gym, or breakfast room).
  2. Capture the atmosphere of the common area in your photos.


Customers rely heavily on photos of guest rooms when deciding where to book their next hotel for business or leisure.

How many rooms photos should you add?

Add at least three photos of your most popular guest rooms.

  1. Try showcasing all the different types of rooms that you offer to guests.
  1. Capture photos that truly show what it’s like when you are in the room as a guest.

Pitfalls of User-Generated Content

The fact of the matter is that the average Google My Business page has more customer-generated photos than photos by the owner. 

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it can show how popular your business is, you need to add a sufficient amount of high-quality photos in order to give off the right impression.  

How To Offset Your Customers’ Bad Photos 

Your goal should be to offset the variability in your customers’ photos. That means designating a profile photo & following best practices when you format your jpg or png. 

You’ll want to maintain a minimum resolution of 480 x 270 pixels, but do not exceed a size of 2120 x 1192. Keep file size between 10 KB and 5 MB. 

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