How To Manage Your Online Reputation During The Coronavirus Outbreak

How To Manage Your Online Reputation During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus is now in the United States, causing people to take preventative measures on a wide scale. Some people are now steering clear of public spaces, which I am sure has affected the amount of customers that you have.

The severity of the situation, of course, depends on the area of the country that you operate in. In any case, we all are affected in some way.

As a result, you may be changing the way you provide services. Or you could be closing your business for some time altogether. Ultimately, as the business owner, this decision is yours to make.

1. Update Your Business Information As Necessary

Due to everything that is going on, proper management of your online reputation & communications may be low on your list of priorities. However, it is extremely important that you notify your current & potential customers of any actions that you are taking.

By doing so, you’ll keep your customers informed & eliminate the possibility of confusion. Take the following steps to ensure that your information is current.

  • Update your business hours
  • Add the precautions that your business is taking or if you are expecting to experience delays to your business description
  • Create a post about the precautions you are taking or tips for safe product usage
  • You can also explain more in-depth updates in a post
  • Update your business phone number if your current one will not be monitored

Learn about our listings service that makes it easy for you to update your information wherever it is on the web.

2. Document The Steps That You Are Taking

Last night, I got 10+ emails from businesses in the food, banking, insurance, & entertainment industries telling me how they were handling the outbreak. You should do the same.

Obviously, it is up to you how your business will handle the outbreak. But if you are going to take any preventative measures, you should tell your customers & potential customers about the steps that you are taking in detail.

This is especially important if customers visit your location. Telling them the steps that you are taking to ensure their safety will give them peace of mind. In addition, you’ll remind them that you are still open for business.

3. Keep Yourself Top Of Mind

Updating your business information & making posts is great if people are actively searching for your business. However, you are still lacking the active messaging that a healthy marketing mix requires.

In other words, you should send out a message to your audience. By sending a notification, you accomplish two things:

  • showing your audience that you value their safety
  • engaging the members of your audience
  • keeping yourself top of mind during irregular circumstances

Most people wouldn’t know where to start. However, the best method of communication for business is text message.

It’s short, simple, reliable, & gets your point across quickly. And, when it comes to a public safety concern like coronavirus, you want to ensure that your message will actually be read.

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