10 Ways To Use A Text Message Marketing Dashboard

10 Ways To Use A Text Message Marketing Dashboard

Text message marketing is a simple, reliable, & convenient way of communicating with your customers. In addition, it is extremely versatile. With that being said, text message marketing serves three general purposes: notify, promote, & generate. The rest of this article explains 10 specific ways that you can use our text message marketing dashboard to notify, promote, & generate.


The first way to use text message marketing for your business is to notify your customers. By keeping them in the loop, you’ll establish a connection between your audience & brand.

1. Upcoming Event

Hosting an event is a great way to establish your business with the community & gain a healthy following. However, it won’t be successful if nobody knows about it. A text message is a convenient way to notify your customers about upcoming events. We recommend sending out at least two notifications for an upcoming event. You should also offer incentives for people to attend, such as free merchandise or live music.

2. New Service/Product

Whenever you offer a new service or product, you need to let your customer base know or else it won’t generate revenue. While you could rely on your employees to tell customers about the new service/product, this method requires that you have the customer in your store. By sending a text message to your customer base, you may get some people to visit you. In addition, you’ll be sure that you notify your whole audience.

3. Updated Hours

If you ever need to change your hours, a text message marketing platform allows you to notify your customers in mass. Just think about how frustrated a regular customer would be if they visited your business only to find that you are temporarily closed. Since 80% of your revenue comes from your regular customers, it is ever more important that you notify your audience about changes to your hours. Text message marketing makes this extremely easy.

4. Change of Service

Similar to an update of your hours, you may have to change your services due to a supply shortage or holiday rush. In such cases, you need to notify your audience. By doing so, you’ll avoid confusing your customers. You can also use the opportunity to tell your customers when normal services will resume.

5. Upcoming Appointment

You can use a text message dashboard to notify your customers of upcoming appointments. As a result, you’ll limit the amount of missed appointments, saving your sanity & revenue opportunity.


Another way to use text message marketing is to send promotions to your customers, whether they be custom offers, discounts, or incentives.

6. Custom Offers

There will come a time when it is suitable for you to offer your customers a discount. At the very least, you should offer discounts during your slow time or compete during peak seasons. This is the primary way that business owners use text message marketing. While promotions are one of the main components of SMS marketing, it is important that you use text message marketing to its full ability.

7. Holiday

The holidays are the peak season for most industries. Therefore, keeping yourself top of mind is important. Send out holiday-centered promotions BEFORE the peak of holiday shopping for the best results.

8. Birthday

Everybody likes a birthday present, making a customer’s birthday the perfect time for you to send a personalized birthday offer. As a result, you’ll gain a sale & nurture the relationship you have with the customer.


The last way to use text message marketing is to generate customer reviews & appointments for your business.

9. Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, people rarely go out of their way to say something nice so you often have to go out of your way to get positive feedback. Ask your customers to leave a review for your business after they have completed a purchase. In turn, you’ll build your online reputation & increase your local search ranking.

10. Appointments

Instead of having your employees reach out to customers over the phone, why not just send them a text. As a result, you won’t inconvenience your potential customers.

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