How AI Is Transforming Marketing & Why You Should Care

How AI Is Transforming Marketing & Why You Should Care

As a business owner, you wear many hats. Other than being a manager, you are the founder, visionary, & marketer of your business.

And as a marketer, it is important that you remember the two-sided aspect of marketing. All of your efforts are intended to be received in a hopefully positive way by a potential customer.

The same two-sidedness is present in marketing technology. Specifically, the technologies we use have the goal of:

  • influencing the purchasing decisions of consumer
  • or reacting to a shift in the way consumers make purchasing decisions

As you can see, the relationship between marketing & society is interdependent. And marketing changes society just as much as society changes it.

Artificial Intelligence Is Here, Shaping The Landscape

With that being said, the biggest thing in marketing right now is the presence of AI technologies. They are shaping the way we, as marketers, communicate with consumers. In addition, they are shaping the way consumers make purchasing decisions.

In case you don’t know what AI stands for, it stands for artificial intelligence. And the term encompasses many ‘techy things’. As a ‘techy’ company ourselves, it is important for us to understand the technologies of today so that we can give our clients an edge in their markets.

The rest of this article explains how AI is changing marketing & why you need to implement some artificially intelligent technology yourself.

AI Technology On The Marketer Side

On the marketer’s side of things, AI technology is:

  • supplying us with valuable insights into consumer behavior
  • enabling us to reach consumers in better ways
  • increasing the efficiency of our advertising spend

Ultimately, AI is making the marketing field more complex as we are constantly being supplied with new tools. However, once you overcome the learning curve, these tools can help us ‘market’ better.

Valuable Insights

AI technologies make sense of the world’s data. In doing so, these technologies provide us with insights that we could not come to on our own, specifically because we do not posses enough manpower to ‘process’ all the data that is available.

Therefore, one of the main benefits of AI to marketers is the analysis of big data, a task that would be impossible without artificially intelligent technologies.

Improved Marketing Actions

Whereas the goal used to be to get your message in front of the right person, AI can help us get our messages in front of the right person, on the right platform, at the right time. 

Just look to Facebook or Google’s advertising platforms and you will see that both utilize machine learning to self-optimize the targeting of their advertisers’ campaigns.

Machine learning algorithms play a part in serving your ads at the best time possible or on the best device based on the parameters that you set. However, setting up these parameters, your core targeting, is no easy task. Nonetheless, machine learning helps marketers improve their campaigns.

Increased Efficiency

The machine learning algorithms in advertising platforms help marketers make the most of their ad spend. Instead of wasting ad spend on the users who are least likely to convert, machine learning helps advertisers make the most of their ad spend.

Unfortunately, the campaign must have informed core targeting in place in order for machine learning to make a substantial impact. In addition, campaigns often need additional tweaks from a marketer, which brings me to an important point: AI technology is a tool.

AI Technology On The Consumer Side

AI is also changing how consumers make purchasing decisions.

Specifically, AI technology is increasing the relevancy & specificity of the content that is placed in front of consumers. This development is a reaction to the quality of content that consumers require. As a result, search engines & social media platforms are improving their algorithms to meet these requirements.

Our previous article “4 Restaurant Search Trends You Need To Know” illustrates this perfectly. The article explains how search engines are reacting to the increasing complexity of user queries.

Consumers Require Highly Targeted “Niche” Content

On the organic side, consumers & search algorithms favor highly targeted, detailed content. Therefore, building your business listings out by including appealing photos, generating customer reviews, & adding detailed descriptions will increase your online visibility. 

On the paid advertising side, targeting your audience effectively & creating “niche” content that resonates with them will allow you to make the most of the machine learning technology offered in advertising platforms. 

What This Means For You

As this article has explained, the AI in marketing technology has been developed to increase the effectiveness of our actions. These technologies have also been developed in a reaction to the requirements of consumers. As a result, it is up to you the marketer to make the best use of these tools.

My advice to you is to not go at the marketing game alone. The tools & algorithms are becoming so complex that it behooves you to outsource your local marketing efforts so that you can focus on running your business.

We Are Here To Help

Our team of local marketing experts has 20+ years of work experience at Google. In addition, our Facebook advertising technology offers us capabilities that are not available on the Facebook Ads platform, giving our clients an edge on the world’s leading social media platform.  

For more information, visit our local marketing page. For more articles like this one, visit our blog

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