Meal Prep Service Generates Over $60k in Revenue With SMS

Meal Prep Service Generates Over $60k in Revenue With SMS

Meal prep services are great, especially for people who want to eat healthier without having to go through the hassle of grocery shopping & cooking on week nights. Therefore, the success of a meal prep service is rooted in the amount of convenience the service can offer customers.

In order to retain those customers, the business must offer a few things including:

  • new & exciting meal options
  • consistent quality
  • a surplus of perceived value as it relates to price

In other words, a successful meal prep service keeps customers happy by offering them fresh, tasty meals at prices that they can justify. That justification is rooted in the value of convenience offered by the service. Without added convenience, the customer is better off cooking for themselves. Similarly, if the price of the meals surpasses the perceived value of convenience, customers will be unable to justify paying for prepared meals.

The Client

Onnie the owner of Paleo Num Yums had the first part of this winning equation down pat. Her customers enjoyed her prepared meals. In addition, she offered a diverse range of options to her customers & worked hard to maintain quality in her service.

Goals & Objectives

However, she felt that she could be doing more to retain & increase the value of her customers. Although attracting new customers is critical, retaining the customers that you get in the door drives sustainable growth for your business. In the meal prep service especially, repeat customers are everything. And Onnie understood this, which is great. In addition, increasing the perceived value of a service never hurts. This is where our text message marketing solution comes in.

Our Solution

With the goal of increasing customer engagement & retention in mind, we knew that our text message marketing program was perfect for Onnie’s meal prep service. Despite the obvious benefit of being able to communicate with her customers via text message, our technology offers our clients versatility. Onnie would be able to send out sign-up offers, punchcard offers, birthday offers, & much more.

POS Integration

In addition, our technology would integrate with her point-of-sale system so that she would be able to automate offers based on sales data including:

  • frequency of visits
  • average amount spent per transaction

Because of this integration, she would also be able to track offer redemptions as well as her return on investment. With all of these benefits in mind, Onnie was excited to start & so were we!

Opt-In Success

Onnie has been using our proprietary customer-facing device to opt-in her customers to her SMS program. To incentivize customers to enter their phone number & opt-in, the customer-facing device displays a sign-up offer of 10% off their next visit.

Post Sign-Up Offers

Since Onnie’s customers are high-frequency customers, she has also implemented a loyalty punchcard offer wherein the customer is sent an offer of 10% off their order after they have 5 visits.


Our text message marketing platform allows Onnie to create custom offers too. She recently ran a promotion on December 26, 2019 for a $5 meal (pictured below).


Onnie’s offers have been very effective at driving foot traffic to her shop. In the last month alone, Onnie has opted in 22 new users into her SMS loyalty program. In addition, her offers have generated 122 visits. Overall, our SMS marketing program has generated over $60k in revenue for her business.

For more client success stories, visit our blog. To jumpstart your business’ growth, schedule a free local marketing consultation here

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