Barber Shop Moves From California To Texas With The Help Of TAPLocal

As a local marketing agency, one of our main focuses is helping our clients attract individuals who are looking for businesses in an area that they are not familiar with. However, seldom do we get to work with a business who does not know much about the area in which he or she is operating. 

This was the case of our client Gabriel Enciso, the owner of Cali Cuts & Styles. As the name of his barber shop might suggest, his business originated in California. With plans to move his business to Texas, he was searching for an agency who could help him transition to a new location, which is what brought him to us.

We started working with Gabriel in October 2019. Since he was new to the area, we knew that he lacked the word of mouth necessary to hit the ground running. And believe me. This is the case with most businesses, even the well-established ones.

Key-Takeaway: Building your online presence will benefit you. Period.

What We Found

When we dug into his online presence with our online scan tool, we found that his business was listed on Google twice. One of the listings even had the wrong business name.

Furthermore, due to lack of listings, he was nowhere to be found for unbranded searches such as “barber shops near me”.

For local businesses, listings are extremely important. In fact, they are ALMOST everything. As a result, we knew that priority #1 was making sure that his business listings were in line. Without them, nobody will know that your business exists.

What We Did

Our team proceeded to list Cali Cutz & Styles on 60+ online directories with our match & lock technology. Then, we enriched the listings with extensive descriptions, product offerings, and photos. We also provided him with a unique review generation link that would help him generate reviews and built him a custom website that you can see for yourself here.

Yes, Reviews Matter!

While actively requesting reviews from your customers may seem unnecessary to some business owners, it is extremely important and has a direct impact on your local SEO efforts. In other words, having more reviews can help your Google My Business Listing or website rank higher than it would if you had less.

And, for a new business like Cali Cutz, having reviews builds your credibility as a business, which is crucial for a less established business.

What Happened

With all of this being said, our services have generated excellent results since we launched in November 2019. To give you an idea, his Google My Business profile was viewed over 5,000 times in just 28 days.

In that same time period, he received 45 calls, 145 direction requests, and over 18,000 photo views.

The performance of his listing is undoubtedly a byproduct of him receiving 35 5-star reviews on Google. Not only does this signal to Google that his business is relevant (because people are visiting it), these “engagements” demonstrates that he values his customers opinions just as much as they value him.

These results are great, but we expect to see him keep growing in the coming months. His success is evidence of the fact that web marketing is perfect for local businesses.

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