3 Benefits of a Digital Marketing Mix

3 Benefits of a Digital Marketing Mix

An Omni-Channel Approach Increases The Effectiveness Of Your Efforts

As explained in our previous blog, digital marketing takes time. How much? It depends. Surely, there are results that you will immediately experience when first increasing your digital presence or launching campaigns. However, your ability to optimize is reliant on data. Furthermore, the amount of data you receive increases with time. Nevertheless, you get the gist. Another aspect of effective digital marketing is the marketing mix. Think about your digital presence like an investment portfolio. You don’t want to spread yourself thin. On the contrary, you want to diversify your efforts to maximize effectiveness.

The rest of this article explains the importance of a digital marketing mix as well as 3 of the main benefits a diversification of your efforts can offer to your business.

1. Integrate your messaging with a digital marketing mix

Whereas advertising frequency increases effectiveness, delivering your message or value proposition across channels does so even more. The reason is that you offer an experience of your brand that is multi-dimensional. Therefore, the noise you create in a web user’s ecosystem is an orchestra rather than a chime. Furthermore, you show individuals that you put effort into your marketing. You didn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. You value an omnichannel approach to your product. By understanding that, your potential customers can also assume that your product or service isn’t one-dimensional either.

2. Increase brand recall

By “following up” with communications in other channels (retargeting) or pairing your advertising with descriptive business listings, you increase brand recall. Of course, a single advertisement might register your business’ name in the brain of an individual who sees your advertisement. However, seeing your brand on multiple platforms will have increasingly large effects on the same individual’s recollection of your brand. By increasing brand recall, you also increase the likelihood of conversion. You should not take that lightly.

3. Improve the customer journey

Imagine that you launch a Google Adwords campaign. An individual sees your advertisement but does not click on it. However, on the next day, the individual goes to Yelp and sees your business listing. Remembering your brand from the Google advertisement, the individual then decides to click on your business listing. Impressed by your business’ customer reviews and photos, the individual visits your website. After scanning your website, the individual is sold. He or she sees your number at the top of your website and clicks on it. You have just gained a customer not because of a single impression or effort, but because you offered a multi-dimensional experience.

Therefore, a digital marketing mix also improves the customer journey through the increase in opportunities presented to the user. Furthermore, as explained in the previous sections, through integration, each of your efforts will begin to increase the effectiveness of the others due to frequency and brand recall.

We Can Supply You With A Full Digital Marketing Mix

The hypothetical situation described in the last paragraph only scratches the surface of the possible digital marketing mixes. In fact, there are countless ways that you can integrate your digital marketing efforts to improve the customer journey. We, at TAPLocal, understand this and help business owners gain new customers through an integrated approach to digital marketing.

To simplify a business owner’s workload, we offer all-in-one packages that include a free Clover POS system, a 2% flat-rate credit card processing solution, reputation management and review generation, website development, and business listings management.

Our all-in-one packages start at $299.99 per month, making us the cheapest provider of end-to-end, fully-integrated payments and marketing solutions on the market. For more information, click here.

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