Web Design and the Modern Consumer

Web Design and the Modern Consumer

Why web design is important to you

Web design is becoming increasingly important. In fact, 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours. As such, there is an opportunity for SMBs like yours to regain market share as major search engines level the playing field for businesses large and small.

Oftentimes, the main point of contact in the information search stage of a consumer’s buying journey is a business’ website. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that your web design is unique yet following industry best practices. In addition, you must understand the online behavior of the modern consumer in order to leverage your online presence to get more customers.

To provide some insight, the rest of this article outlines web statistics relevant to your business, assumptions about the modern consumer, and web design recommendations that will help you compete in today’s landscape.

Statistic 1: One-third of all Google searches are related to location.

Assumption 1: The modern consumer is a person who refers to the Internet when he or she needs or desires of a product or service.

Conclusion 1: You need to list your SMB online.

Statistic 2: 60% of Google searches are mobile searches.

Assumption 2: The modern consumer spends most of his or her time on mobile.

Conclusion 2: Digital marketing, optimized for mobile users,  is your SMB’s best friend.

Statistic 3: A website visitor provides less than 15 seconds of attention before deciding to leave.

Assumption 3: The modern consumer provides a short window of attention to a given site.

Conclusion: The modern consumer will move on to the next search result if your website is not attention-grabbing.


  1. You need to capitalize on web design

It does not matter the industry in which you operate. In order for the modern consumer to find your business, you must be online. Your competitors surely are. If you aren’t, they will surpass you. Nevertheless, there are many benefits that a website can offer your business. From online ordering to appointment scheduling, your website is an asset that can streamline your operational processes.

  1. Be unique

Nobody can process all of the information available on the web, so a user will move onto the next listing if he or she does not find your website visually appealing. Furthermore, the design of your website gives your business credibility. In order to be a viable business in the eyes of the modern consumer, you must look the part.

  1. But not too unique

The challenge lies in having unique web design while following best practices. In many cases, the website’s design does not have the end-user in mind. As such, your business must list all the essentials. A visit should be able to quickly find your operating hours, address, contact number, and product/service offerings. Furthermore, your website design should be visually appealing to the point that graphics do not slow down load time and responsiveness.

We Have A Team Of Web Design Experts

At TAPLocal, we regularly work with websites that are outdated or build websites for businesses that were previously not online. In addition, we offer online listings management so the modern consumer can find SMBs like yours.

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