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Increase your online exposure through Google search ads.

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Engage people and get them to click when searching for your products and services.

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Get higher conversion rates through relevant ad content and perfectly design landing pages.

Why do you need Google Search Ads?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can become one of the top search results on a Google Search, we have the answer.  Now, what you’ve been told in the past about how SEO can help get your business to the first page of a google search is still true… But, that could take a very long time.  As a business owner you need to get to the front page of google, TODAY.  The first 3 results above organic search results have shown to receive 41% of the clicks on any given page.

So why is showing up on an unbranded search so important?  92% of buyers report they used a google search, or something like it, before making their purchase decision.

Our team of Google Experts research your business and find the best keywords and search phrases to best suit the results you’re looking for.  Different keywords may have different prices based on how competitive other businesses are bidding on them.   However, often times, a high bid means high value.

Why Do You Need TapLocal Marketing AdWords Management?

“Time is our most precious commodity”

Let’s be real, your time is not best spent learning about Google, Google Advertising, or Google Analytics.  Trust us, we know, it’s not fun.  That’s why when you hire TAPLocal’s Adwords Management team, we take care of the heavy lifting.

Google Search ads require quite a bit of front end research and setup.  From keywords to audience to daily bid, our team will determine the best fit for optimized ad performance.

Once your ad is complete and generating results, the next step is analyzing the data provided.  Things like; which keywords are being searched, which keywords are being clicked, and which keywords are converting are easy.  However, looking into what keywords are being clicked (meaning you pay Google) and not converting is a great way to reduce wasted ad spend.

How Taplocal Marketing AdWords Management Works

Google Campaign Research

The key to a successful partnership is to understand who you’re working with.  This is why TAPLocal’s team of experts puts in the extra time to learn about your business.  Often times Google Search Ads don’t work, not because of a lack of budget, but because of a lack of understanding the product.  If you’re currently running a Google Search Ad, wrong keywords or search phrases are costing you money.

Google Ads Budget

News Flash!  You’re in the business to make money… And so are we!  Luckily we aren’t the ones who set the bid cost on certain keywords or search phrases.  This is why determining your budget, along with how you want to be found is so important.  We don’t want you to overspend, and we don’t want you to underspend and waste money.  Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of how your money is spent on ever Ad Campaign.

Google Search Ad Creation

Ever tried to build a Google Ad?  We have!  And we’re pretty good at it too.  Taking into account your business, your budget and your goals sounds easy at first.  However marrying it into an Ad isn’t always as easy.  Unless you leave it to us.

Google Ad Optimization

Google search ads aren’t different than any other part of your business.  They require constant attention, management, and changes in order to produce results.  TAPLocal understands your time is limited which means we’re constantly looking for ways to improve campaign results for you.

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