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Deals That Work For You & Your Customers

77% of consumers use coupons on a regular basis.  Offer ads are customizable, effective and easy to create—and they’re easily accessible on mobile so people have the offer with them anywhere they go.

1. Reach New Customers

Offer ads help you connect with current customers or acquire new ones.

People who claim in-store offers receive a barcode or QR code that can be pulled up on their mobile phone at checkout. People who claim online offers receive a discount code and are sent to your website to shop. They can use the offer code at checkout to redeem the value.

2. Boost Product Sales

Share offers with people to encourage them to visit your business in person or online.

After a user clicks on “Get Offer” they are taken to a page with more details, where they can save and share the offer

3. Send Automatic Reminders

People who claim offers get notified when the deal is about to expire, so they use it in time.

Users who save the offer are notified whenever they are nearby the store, and when the offer is about to expire. The Saved offer can be found on the Facebook App under “Saved”, and is also sent via email to the user.

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