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1. Reach New Customers

Our Facebook Ads experts will target unique users and deliver your ad to them 6 times per month guaranteed.  Meaning, each user will see your ad at a minimum of 6 times throughout the campaign.

2. Increase Awareness

Increase customer awareness by showing them your ad more often throughout the month.  Of course, increased awareness leads to increased sales.

3. Create An Amazing Ad

Leave the entire Ad creation process to us, or work with our design and content creation team to promote specific products or services.  Saturate the local audience and market!

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A guaranteed number of unique users


Seen the right number of times


Delivered to users in a precise location


In the right time frame

Instead of ‘clicks’ or ‘impressions’, the guarantee of delivering a message to people living around the address of a business, with a certain frequency and within and effective period of time, ensures a real communication effect to the customer.  Each Facebook Campaign comes with complete transparent reporting, to display our 6 times frequency guarantee.

"I had an awesome experience service with TAPLocal Now with my business listings going online and the process of building a website in November/December 2018; thanks a lot to Michelle Peak, Josh Lybarger and their team. The consultation was very informative, clear, consistent, honest, intelligent, friendly, and very true about the listings, marketing , and promoting my online business step by step. The process was fast, clear, upfront, and effective it took less time than I expected and I couldn’t be more excited; my online business being presence thanks to Taplocal. Michelle Peak, Josh Lybarger, and their staff are highly recommended and very professional at what they do!"

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