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TAP Awareness Ads Come With A Reach & Frequency Guarantee.

Awareness Ads Are The Answer.

Need Exposure?

Guaranteed Exposure & Communication With Your Target Audience.

Instead of ‘clicks’ or ‘impressions’, the guarantee of delivering a message to people living around the address of a business, with a certain frequency and within an effective period of time, ensures the exposure your business needs. Each Facebook campaign comes with complete transparent reporting, to display our 6 times frequency guarantee.

Engage Customers On Their Smartphones, Generate Hot Leads Directly To Yours.

How Do Reach & Frequency Ads Work?

Reach New Customers

Our Facebook Ads experts will target unique users and deliver your ad to them 6 times per month guaranteed.  Meaning, each user will see your ad at a minimum of 6 times throughout the campaign.

Increase Awareness

Increase consumer awareness by showing them your ad more often throughout the month.  With the help of our stellar creative team, the increased awareness of your product or service will translate to increased sales.

Create An Amazing Ad

Leave the entire ad creation process to us or work with our design and content creation team to promote specific products or services. Saturate the local audience and market!

We Solve Real Problems

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Pre-populated forms means people can submit their contact information fast—which makes for efficient mobile lead generation. Which in turn means more leads for you.

Direct Integration

Facebook Lead Ads are delivered in real time directly to your phone via SMS or email, giving you the ability to contact the lead immediately. By doing so, you’ll gain more customers.


You will receive new leads throughout the month In addition, each campaign will progress and learn over time. As a result, the quality of your leads will increase month over month.

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