Why I Love Working with TAPLocal Marketing

Why I Love Working with TAPLocal Marketing

My first construction job happened at 19. Although I had some experience with wood framing in the Mid-West, when it came to roofing I was pretty green. Mr. Micheal Johnson was my boss (not to be confused with the MMA Fighter or Olympian).

He came from one of the only Cadillac Assembly companies in the country. This was the guy with the clip board and dressed from head to toe in all white with the gloves to match. Mr. Johnson was not a super strict boss and he was fair at all times. Attention to detail is a trait that he passed along to me which I utilize everyday at TAPLocal Marketing Sales. At the construction job we were replacing 12 rooftops of an Apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona. The removal process consisted of removing 100’s of pounds of pebble rock and thick layers of tar. Like a rookie, scraping this off the roofs during the hotter time of the day was not the right method. As I am rapidly failing and losing patience, Mr. Johnson approaches me, and explained that I will have better luck if I were to wait for early in the morning to remove the tar when we start. This will allow the tar to “set” at night making it brittle and easy to “chip” away.

Attention to detail is a talent where one has shown the repeated ability to achieve thoroughness, accuracy, and consistency while using keen observation and concentration when accomplishing a task. By paying attention to the finest detail, it solved my problem and shifted my perspective on the entire construction opportunity. No longer was I frustrated and mad, now I could teach others this skill while simultaneously excelling at my own profession. It’s a matter of self-discipline. By understanding the finer points of inbound marketing tactics, salesmanship and communication it will help TAPLocal engage small medium size businesses and help them grow and succeed.

If you think this is a great place too apply for one of our open career opportunities!

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